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Anchor Bracelets

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Why Buy an Anchor Bracelet from NielsenAnchors - About Us!

Nielsen Anchors

Nielsen Anchors is inspired by the oceans and their travelers. With our head office in Southern Ontario our aim is to create uniquely designed anchor bracelets that set themselves from the norm.

Quality of Nielsen Anchors
The high-quality material that we use combined with the research that goes into constructing all of our pieces makes our collections durable and long lasting.
Each piece of our fine products is designed and created with passion and each and every step of its way. 

Welcome to Nielsen Anchors...

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Hey, welcome to NielsenAnchors!  We just want to begin by welcoming you and telling a little about us.  We hope that you continue to make us your bracelet and accessory store.  We take pride in offering you the widest selection of Anchor Bracelets and the latest trendy fashion accessories. 

Despite many places where you can find other bracelets does not mean that all providers are equal or that they offer the same advantages. This is exactly why you should consider relying on NielsenAnchors.  Try one or a few of our bracelets that we have in our collection.  We promise to deliver not only the most amazing and latest styles, but also the best possible value, especially when it comes to choosing Anchor Bracelets that will adorn your travels to new horizons and style.

For our discerning shoppers, we have so many leather and survival bracelet models in our Nautical and Paratrooper series available that it will be difficult to decide which ones to choose and match your style.  While we do bring you the latest trends it is normally to offer you something to compare our anchor bracelets which always continue to be our top sellers. Whether it is the trendy rope or the more vintage and stylish leather anchor bracelets to accessorize your attire we are proud to offer you the widest selection and latest varieties.   

The best thing of course is that online store is available for you 24/7 so that you can place an order whenever you feel like it or when you find an anchor bracelet that you really like.  You can spend hours looking at every single bracelet until you choose the piece or pieces that you intend on buying.  Or sit down with your partner or friend and choose your wrist fashion jewelry together. 

Our Bracelet & Jewelry Collections Focus on A Variety of Accessories:
  • Leather Anchor Bracelets
  • Rope Anchor Bracelets
  • FishEyeHook Bracelets
  • Multi-Layer Leather Bracelets
  • Natural Stone Bead Bracelets
  • NA Necklace / Bracelet sets
  • LuvCrazy Rings
  • Paratrooper Series Bracelets / Survival Bracelets
  • Watches
  • Tungsten Rings

To help you make your decision share with your friends on our social media sites.  The links to our Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest sites is viewed by thousands each and every month. 

The second step after you have chosen is pretty simple. You just place the order. This is a process that involves a few clicks and that is about it. Yes, placing an order on our website is as easy as 1 - 2 – 3.  Choose and select products that make you look good.  Then go to the checkout and pay by most major credit cards or PayPal whichever you prefer. 

NielsenAnchors goes to great lengths to keep up with the latest leather and bracelet fashion trends and will continue to go to great lengths to earn your business and keep you satisfied.  We ship your package quickly and free of charge and keep you informed during its travel to ensure its delivery. 

We honor your purchase and ensure its delivery and your satisfaction.  We have a 30 day purchase return policy for defective or wrongly shipped product.  Please contact us immediately and we will give you directions on how to return the package for a full refund less any shipping charges or if you choose an exchange of an equal value product.  As our customer we want to make things right!

We can only improve when we hear from you and value your comments and reviews.  Please feel free to send us an email or join us in one of our social media sites and enjoy the content.

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