I got into the whole online woodworking thing from YouTube.

There are thousands of great, inspirational YouTube woodworking videos out there that are sure to provide you with enough entertainment and knowledge to last a long, long time.

But, I’ve come to realize that not everyone is into the video scene.

And here lately I have also been leaning more toward woodworking blogs instead of video. Don’t get me wrong, woodworking on YouTube is the greatest thing since sliced bread but sometimes it’s OK to change up your normal diet a bit.

Change is good and in this case it’s also inspirational and educational.

So without further adieu here is a list of 50 woodworking blogs and websites that you may not know about. When you find an article or video that you like be sure to bookmark it and let the blog owner know by leaving a comment or two. Also, most blogs have a way to subscribe to email newsletters so you can stay current on all of their new content. 

Remember that liking and sharing website articles is the best way to show your support for their content without spending a dime.

To visit each blog simply click on the corresponding title

Disclaimer; You might find yourself lost in a lot of reading, ideas and projects .. 🙂

Disclosure : Some of our blogs contain affiliate links. Should you decide to purchase through these links we will receive a commision at no extra cost to you

1 Ana-White.com

Ana White is the woodworking DIY queen from Alaska. This site is jam packed full of inspiration and projects that anyone can make.

2 – Close Grain

Steve Branam is a software engineer and woodworking hobbyist in central Massachusetts. A good read for anyone. Especially those interested in learning about hand tools.

3 – Dan’s Hobbies

I’ve had this one bookmarked for a while. The link will take you to an interesting blog series covering the build of a simple yet interesting end table design.

4 – Dan’s Shop

Different Dan, same passion he is a teacher by day, is a hand tool woodworker from Alaska. His blogging journey started way back in 2007 and he has been producing great projects and articles since. Check it out!

5 – DCW Woodworks

Doug has been pursuing his passion for woodworking since 2010. Based in Chicago, IL he has been learning both modern techniques and traditional hand tool methods for building furniture and trim carpentry. As a hobbyist in his 1903 frame house he has been inspired to learn about Chicago’s rich Craftsman, Prairie, and Arts & Crafts tradition.

6 – Design Matters

Design Matters is about building warm inviting furniture and is an extension of George Walker’s column featured in Popular Woodworking Magazine.

7 – Digital Woodworker

A woodworking blog from a proficient cook, an aspiring woodworker, and a general technology geek. I have found many sources of inspiration sifting through his work.

8 – Jay’s Custom Creations

Besides being the creator of this list years ago Jay also puts a lot of time and effort in a lot of content about working with wood.

9 – Dorset Custom Furniture

You will find a lot of gorgeous work here. Plenty of pictures to get drawn into.

10 – Flair Woodworks

Chris Wong is the creator of Flair Woodworks. He is also the creator of many interesting works of art. Chris is also very active on Twitter if you would ever like to get a hold of him.


11 – David Barron Furniture

A Woodworking furniture blog by David Barron.He teaches woodworking courses at West Dean College as well as writes regular articles for Furniture and Cabinetmaking magazine.

12 – Fun With Woodworking

An amateur approach to woodworking. Follow Donald as he learns the ins and outs of woodworking.

13 – Garage Woodworks

Brian from Garage Woodworks has been putting out woodworking videos for several years. On his site you will find all of his videos as well as plans and blog posts.

14 – Half-Inch Shy

Half-Inch Shy was started in 2009 after getting interested in woodworking in January of 2008. Through the years he has built a nifty, tool dense shop. There is a lot of content to sift through on this site. He also has a YouTube channel you can subscribe to.

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