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5 ways to look good wearing an anchor bracelet

Posted on 08 November 2018

5 Ways to Look Good Wearing an Anchor Bracelet

Buying a bracelet that can provide years of use and enjoyment is an excellent decision. An anchor bracelet is the perfect piece of jewelry to add to a collection. The person who owns these jewelry pieces can be confident that at any time, for any occasion, this bracelet will show that they have good taste.

Fashionable without being trendy, classic without being stuffy, these bracelets will add effortless style to any outfit. The hardest decision will be choosing which bracelet to wear.

Following are five ways to add pop and pizzazz to any outfit for any occasion:

1. Just as the little black dress is the go-to piece in any well-dressed woman’s wardrobe, a black leather anchor bracelet can add timeless elegance and edgy style to finish off an outfit.
2. The man who wants to be a little rebellious when he must dress conservatively for his job or public appearance, can add a touch of defiant flair with an unexpected pop of color that peeks from under his sleeve. A red or blue rope paired with a beautiful anchor will keep that stylish renegade happy until he can toss the jacket later in the day.
3. A bold statement is made when orange is the color that one sports for his anchor bracelet. Regardless of the clothes, the color orange is sure to get noticed and add energy to an outfit.
4. You can be serious and seriously stylish at the same time. The matte black anchor weighs in with attitude on flat or braided leather. When you are serious about your style, matte black is the way to go.
5. A textured anchor gracing a wide, leather strap that has been double for durability and a strong presence is the perfect unisex bracelet for any occasion. Pair it with jeans, let it reign with evening elegance, these bracelets will make the wearer feel like royalty.

Anchor bracelets are created to provide the wearer with the ability to enjoy a quality piece of jewelry that will add a pop of color or a quiet pairing depending on the vibe and attitude that one wants to convey. Men and women alike can wear these beautiful creations. Bold or quiet, strong or soft, colorful or neutral, there is a bracelet that will match any mood and attitude.

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